Professional Membership:

This the highest level of membership and is granted to interior designers with one of the following criteria:

    * Five year degree in interior design/ architecture + one year of professional experience (Professional)

    * Four year degree in interior design/architecture + three years of professional experience (Professional)

    * Three years certification in interior design/architecture+four years of professional experience (Professional)


**Candidates with less than three years of work experience will initially be granted Associate membership. 

Membership criteria

1. Tertiary education degree according to above criteria attested by required authorities

2. Candidates' CV

3. Portfolio (with candidates less than 3 years of tertiary degree)

3. A copy of an attested interior design qualification from an accredited institute  

4. 3 referees ​


1.         Obtain APID Certificate and Permission to use relevant APID member logo on website and email signature for the full year of the membership

2.         Access to APID events  to network with colleagues, designers, industry, media partners and government bodies 

3.         Access to  discounted and free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars, lectures and courses organized by APID

4.         Access to exclusive media and public speaking events  arranged  by APID

5.         Opportunity to acquire dual membership  with international interior design associations in partnership with APID ( Conditions apply )     

6.         Recognition through participation in  volunteer  programs  that   improves an aspect of the industry you are passionate about.

7.         Access to  APID 's Private Design hub 


NOTE Membership Fee: 1000 AED .  

            APID Membership Dues are payable annually according to the calendar year of APID.

            Bank charges must be incurred by remitter. Kindly note that completion of the application form on the reverse side confirms all

            membership benefits have been read and fully understood.