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A successful spa environment is a complex process of bringing together diverse actions and objectives to create a single, integrated spa interior environment. Designers need to incorporate not only the aesthetics of their design along with information about the clientel who will be using the facilities, but also the cost, time and quality management of equiptment, in order to balance the design specifications for a successful spa service provider.

Considering the equiptment and the spas located in the region, there is no better investment that a float room. Having a Float Room is like bringing the Dead Sea to your doorstep. All the relaxation, pleasure and health benefits of the real thing, with no effort on your part. The Float Room is a standalone unit that can be easily fitted into a new or existing room. It’s big enough for you to easily stand up, lie down and move around inside. The tank contains 25cm depth of very salty water containing Epsom Salts, 6 times saltier than the sea. The fully customisable float tanks are so spacious, they call them Float Rooms. Click here to see a 360-degree view.

When you lie back you float effortlessly, fully supported by the water – you can lie there for hours without getting tired.

The Float Room is fully insulated from sound and light, so you can either enjoy gentle music from the speakers and soft starlight from the ceiling, or remove all sensory stimulation for truly deep relaxation. Hi-tech filtration system works automatically in between floats.

The health benefits are rewarding as floating is fantastically good for you and requires very little effort. The commercial benefits of the Float Rooms are ideal for spas, salons, sports clubs, gyms, rehabilitation centres, physiotherapy clinics, hospitals, private homes and yachts.

Full customisation means they can completely match the interior design of their surroundings to create an astonishing and beautiful floating environment. Float Rooms add a strong new revenue stream to your business while taking up very little physical space and little time from your staff.

You can choose the interior colour and exterior panelling from a wide range of alternatives. The Superior Float Room adds impressive touches in the starlight ceiling, additional ceiling height, UV and peroxide cleaning system (instead of the standard bromine system), dual-tone exterior panelling and more advanced lighting controls. The Luxury Float Room, for when only the best will do, allows you to add astonishing exterior details such as illuminated panel designs or glass etching. Colour, shape and design can be fully adjusted to match your needs. Requiring only 2.5 x 1.5 metres of floor space, no plumbing required. Standard installation takes one day, room lasts 10 years or more.

Sterlingham website set to simplify bathroom fittings selection & design

A new design website by UK premier bathroom fittings designers and manufacturers The Sterlingham Co Ltd is set to thrill interior designers and discerning clients. Prior to a Gulf wide launch in the coming months, the company is supporting designers, specifiers and interested partners by making selection and design easier. Steve Parker, international manager commented, "It is clear that in superior hotels, residences and public buildings, there is a large demand for products that are hand made, high quality and combine many design features, often including different materials and technologies, in addition to being able to simply select from limited edition ranges. It can so often be the finite finishing and attention to detail that creates that great impression." 

He added “Registering on the site as an interior designer, retail partner or individual, gives everyone really pertinent information for their needs and enables them to create their own designs. We can also let them be the first to know about exciting new additions, such as our expanding Sink Stand range, that has water-free heated options in numerous shapes, for those fluffy dry towels” Andrew Healey, managing director commented, “We  are  excited by the  launch of  our new website and the opportunity to provide world class design opportunities and support, consistent with the quality of our products, that are all made in our own factories. They are only available either directly or through selected interior designers and partners and clients that insist on the very best!“ Editors note: The Sterlingham Co Ltd are based in Stourbridge, England and have been designing and manufacturing ranges of high quality bathroom fittings and accessories including unique heated stands and towel rails, for more than 25 years. Recent worldwide acclaim includes awards in the USA and specifications by top interior designers and clients in the Gulf and worldwide.

A full Gulf launch comprising of seminars and events will be announced shortly. The company is already working with members of APID in the Gulf and other selected partners. 

Contact: Steve Parker |

tel: +44 1384 893346 | website:

BricsCAD V16


The NEW free Knauf AMF room acoustics app for iPhone and iPad

The Knauf AMF Room Acoustics Calculator makes it easy to design the acoustics of a room according to the following standards:

Initially some physical data and the desired usage of the room are to be entered. There from the frequency dependent reverberation time, the noise reduction and the average absorption coefficient are calculated and presented in graphical form. In addition, tolerance ranges are shown to indicate where the values of these design quantities should be.


Finally, the absorbers to be used in the room must be selected. The app helps to determine the appropriate products and their amount by indicating whether the requirements by the standard have been met or not.


When the planning is done, a report can be created in the form of a PDF document and sent by e-mail or printed.