To assist the promotion of the highest professional ideals of interior design to governmental bodies, industry and membership. APID is committed in monitoring interior design and professional practice of membership. 




1. Promote continual professional advancement of interior designers by conducting workshops, seminars and educational as well as networking events and conferences.


2. Be consulted as a responsible body by professionals in the industry and to readily provide guidance and assistance as may be required.

3. Stand equally alongside other representative societies and institutions and to participate fully in world wide events, debates and issues relating to professional interior design practice and interior design standards.


4. Support the larger community by providing professional codes of interior design specifications in various sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, education environment etc.


5. Support to Universities in interior design education by providing interaction with interior design professional.


6. Create awareness of professional interior design services and usages among the public.


7. Act as a platform for  the entire interior design community comprising of designers, industry, educators and students of interior design, and the various client bodies for the common benefit of the community