APID membership a logo of trust

APID Members are distinguished by their affiliation allowing the community to respect and trust experienced and qualified professionals. Look out for the appropriate APID logo when hiring an interior designers and industry partners.



Professional Memberships  is for individual design professionals with  the relevant studies and pertinent years of experience as attested by APID and can proudly use APID logo .

Allied Membership is available for  design technician , technically skilled workers , draftsmen and diploma holders who are affiliated with interior designers/architects to delivering functional, practical and innovative design spaces. They have completed studies in related fields such as technical drafting, 3D rendering or art history, for example, and can proudly use this logo. 

Industry Membership  is available for fit out contractors, design industry product suppliers , textile  traders  & manufacturers  and other material providers who do not specifically offer design service but are engaged with the design industry and  the built environment. These companies range from fit-out contractors to furniture, fabric, flooring, kitchen, bathroom, fixtures, products & materials providers..APID Industry members display this logo. 

Company Membership is available for  interior design consultancy firms operating locally or globally with more than 20 employees  that do the majority of their work in providing a full scope of design services and employ professional interior designers. These firms specialise in interior design fit-outs. Interior Design firms which are members of APID proudly display this logo and can be asked to produce their APID Certificate for verification purposes. 

Associate Membership  is available  fresh graduates who have studied interior design from a recognised university but have not yet achieved the necessary years of experience to be professional members of APID. Please contact APID to verify the specific experience of any Associate Member or follow the criteria on the professional membership forms. 

SME's & Start ups  Membership are available for new start ups ,small  interior design firms, contracting companies ,suppliers  operating with less than  than 20 employees  that operate with in the region and provide services or products to the design industry.  For verification purposes. 

Student Membership is for students enrolled in an accredited interior design or interior architecture program. 

Institutional  Membership  is available for universities and colleges that run graduate programs and offer courses related to interior design and architecture and are accredited by KHDA or Ministry of Higher Education. UAE..

Each Institution offers a student chapter of APID and design student enrolled in their design programs are eligible to take student membership with

50 % discount .

Vocational Membership  is available for design institutes and poly technic colleges that offer short courses , diplomas and run training  programs and related to interior design , graphic design, furniture and textile design , lighting design and other relevant courses  provided that they are accredited by KHDA and other accreditation bodies in the  UAE..