internship program 


APID strongly believes that students need industrial exposure to understand the practical applications of the academic knowledge and practice they have gained over the years of study. In this regard, we seek to establish strong industry-institute collaboration that will provide students and new graduates with opportunities in the form of internships, office visits, site visits, training, tech talks, workshops and seminars. 

We are looking for new ideas and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with interior designers and industry partners along with the 8 student chapters in APID. 

Mandatory projects and internships are part of a students curriculum. We need to support the students who will soon be a part of the interiors community in the region by allowing students to collaborate with professionals to work on innovative ideas, and projects along with getting technical guidance from industry experts. If you would like to speak at the univerities or would like to have them visit you, please email:

To receive a list of the available intern applicates we have, please email: