Industry Membership
Annual fees: AED 7500  )
Industry partnership is open to suppliers, manufacturers, distributers and any practices who are actively engaged with the interior design industry. 

Membership criteria


  1. A valid trade license 

  2. Company profile

  3. Proof of experience projectsProducts, materials and other work


Membership Benefits::


1.         Obtain APID Certificate and Permission to use relevant APID member logo on website and email signature for the full year of the membership

2.         Access to APID events  to network with colleagues, designers, industry, media partners and government bodies ( One nominated member by the

            industrial company) 

3.         Listing  on APID's Resource Center 

4.         Promotion of  their products on  APID's social media platform ( one post annually)

5.         25% discount will be offered to Industry members for any additional post on APID's website  & social media platforms.

6.         Connect with the industry for student internships

7.         Access to  APID 's Private Design hub 


Additional Benefits:


           50% discount is offered to members on Gala dinners, Forums, Conferences and any other paid event organized  by APID.



NOTE : Industrial  Membership Fee: 7500 AED .

            APID Membership Dues are payable annually according to the calendar year of APID.

            Bank charges must be incurred by remitter. Kindly note that completion of the application form on the reverse side confirms all

           membership benefits have been read and fully understood.