Design Company Membership
Annual fees: AED 5000  ( Large Companies with employees from 25 onwards)

Design Company membership is for Interior design or architectural firms/practices offering design services; they should have qualified interior designers onboard with their main turnover being in an interior design consultancy.

APID Membership connects designers, industry, and education together to create a strong and credible interior design community, which reflects APID's vision and ethos. APID's outreach also expands to include local and international associations and media partners.




Membership criteria


A valid trade license and a quality service provider

Once an APID member, the Company ''s registered  professional members ( 2 ) can have access to APID's benefits at no additional charge. 


Membership Benefits::


1.         Obtain APID Certificate and Permission to use relevant APID member logo on website and email signature for the full year of the membership

2.         Access to APID events  to network with colleagues, designers, industry, media partners and government bodies through APID event


3.         Promotion on APID's Website by showcasing one image of their recent project (, name and logo ( for external links to the company's website ,

            special rates  & conditions apply ) 

4.         Promotion of  their events  and projects on APID's social media platform

5.         Opportunity to acquire dual membership  with international interior design associations in partnership with APID ( Conditions apply )     

6.         Connect with the industry for student internships

7.         Access to  APID 's Private Design hub 



NOTE : Design Company Membership Fee: 5000 AED .   ( with more than 20 employees , either locally or globally )

            APID Membership Dues are payable annually according to the calendar year of APID.

            Two professional memberships are offered complimentary with this package .Any extra professional member can acquire membership by

            paying additional fee of 500 AED  per person.


            Bank charges must be incurred by remitter. Kindly note that completion of the application form on the reverse side confirms all

           membership benefits have been read and fully understood.