Bashar Al Yawer 


Founder and Managing Director of Guideline Interiors an Interior Design and Fit Out company, established since 1999.


Due to his passion of history, GLI has been involved in the design and built of museums, created traditional historic buildings in Dubai (Falcon Center, Architectural House and many others).

Under his leadership, the company has been involved in designing and carrying out projects such as hotels, mosques, commercial offices and residential villas, locally & internationally.


With more than 30 years in the Interior design business, Bashar has made an impression on the market with his dedication, hard work, strategic thinking and meticulous eye for details.


Bashar completed his Bsc in Architecture from Baghdad University with Diploma in Town Planning and Urban Design.


Elected into the Board of Directors of APID in 2007.


Founder and Managing Director of Guideline Interiors (GLI)