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all the latest updates from the design community

  • 15 December, 2014
    We can’t do it without YOU !
    As Interior Designers and Architects gathered for the 2nd edition of DesignMENA last week, they were treated to a distinguished round up of speakers for the thought-provoking day. I would like to offer my thoughts on a common thread from the day. APID can convene the interior design community on a regular basis to work on substantive issues. But we can't do it alone.
  • 9 December, 2014
    Painting our Future – 2015 Color Trends & Sustainability
    Sustainability is no trend these days. It is universally recognized that we need to do more to care for our planet and ensure the livelihood of generations to come. This is the essence of ‘sustainability’. We must not extract more from the earth than our planet can replenish. We need to curb pollution and toxins in our environment. We have to provide a guarantee to our children and their children to come that the earth will still be a place they can call home. At the APID seminar this week, repeated twice
  • 8 December, 2014
    Karim Rashid asks ‘Are you analog or digital?’
    This is the challenge that Karim Rashid put to the crowd of interior designers and architects at this year’s DesignMENA Summit. Are you designing in 3d or are you still stuck in the dark ages of analog technology? Karim claims that the digital age empowers our creativity and allows one to design things that are more human. Read more about his thoughts and let us know if you agree.
  • 26 November, 2014
    Ten Years of Transformations
    With Expo 2020 on the way, my best wishes are with the U.A.E, as it becomes one of the most influential cities in the world
  • 26 November, 2014
    Behind the scenes at JBR Beach
    APID Members were again treated to an exclusive event with a private tour of the new JBR Beach designed by renowned Benoy architects
  • 12 November, 2014
    Jin Peh's top tips to keep the energy flowing through your Designs!
    APID members were treated to an informative and inspiring talk with Jin Peh, leading Feng Shui specialist advising clients around the world...
  • 30 October, 2014
    Putting Middle East Designers on the Map
    Design gurus including Lebanese furniture star Nada Debs set themselves a challenge at the Downtown Design fair: create a manifesto for putting Middle East designers on the world map
  • 29 October, 2014
    APID President's Message
    As practicing Interior Designers, we can all appreciate that outside of APID events, there is no permanent space for the interior design community to come together to discuss challenges, learn, connect and improve professional practice...
  • 28 October, 2014
    An inspirational interview with Anil Mangalat
    This month, we were delighted to have a chat with APID member Anil Mangalat, Design Director and Managing Partner of MMAC Design Associates
  • 25 September, 2014
    APID President's Message
    Inspiration for interiors comes from so many places. Great design has been spurred by artistic movements and periods from Baroque, Rococo, Art Deco, Bauhaus, Cubism to Pop Art. Interiors are influenced by art, fashion, poets, thinkers, social and environmental considerations, technological advances and everyday life...
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